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Стоян Руменин: Изхвърляйте си редовно мозъчните боклуци, за да не се задръстите


Стоян Руменин: Изхвърляйте си редовно мозъчните боклуци, за да не се задръстите

Няколко дни преди дебюта му на независимата сцена като режисьор, той споделя специално за Impressio повече за професията, уроците и работата по спектакъла "Мозъчен боклук". Представлението ще се изиграе за първи път пред публика на 5 март от 19.30 ч. в Yalta Art Room


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Азь това правя.изхвърлям си боклука от Мозако всекио ден


Вулгарно име на пиесата. Не буди желание за гледане.

на първо място ше го изфърля него

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is FIDELE CHITOU, the owner of the Franco-Arab school "Markaz Tahfisoul Al Couran". We are located in West Africa, specifically in Benin. Our school is dedicated to providing quality education to children, focusing on Quranic teachings as well as regular academic subjects. We are proud of our commitment to academic excellence and spirituality. We are delighted to offer these children the opportunity to develop and grow in a safe and caring environment. I am reaching out to you to present an important project that I am currently working on. I have an idea to expand my Franco-Arabic Quranic school and I need your help and support. The rainy season is fast approaching and the current facilities where the children learn are not suitable. Most of the children who attend my school are orphans and disadvantaged and have no other options for education. It is imperative to act quickly to provide them with a dry and comfortable learning environment. I already have the location for the school expansion, but I need help to ensure the success of the project. We need to build new classrooms, install heating and insulation equipment, and purchase additional teaching materials. Our goal is to provide these children with quality education in accordance with the prescriptions of Allah, in a safe and comfortable environment. I am convinced that with your help and support, we can make this project a reality. It is not just about expanding the school, but also about ensuring a better future for these children. Your assistance will make a significant difference in their lives. I would be honored to provide all the necessary documentation to justify our request and to work closely with your organization to ensure transparency and proper use of allocated funds. Thank you for considering our project. I look forward to your response to discuss ways to work together to ensure a better future for these children. Sincerely, NGO MARKAZ TAHFISOUL AL COURAN E-mail :   ecolefranco-arabe[email protected]